Behind the Lenses of Streets of Yerevan

Summer season has officially opened. You can see it while walking the streets of Yerevan. The thriving Armenian capital has more visitors than ever. It makes me incredibly happy since I’ve started this page out of love to the city where I was born and raised. I love to wander around its streets and tell its stories through my photography. They say a picture is worth more than 1000 words, and I couldn’t agree more. You might have noticed – my page and all my social media platforms are about everything visual rather than just the words. I hope you will travel to Yerevan soon, too.


But today I prepared something different. Today is the day when I share a little bit of a story behind my page and my passion. You might have noticed I never get too personal on my site – it’s the city the page stands for. I believe streets of Yerevan, and perhaps streets of any city, have their own voice, but the city people very rarely take a quiet moment to listen to them. I’m trying to do it for myself, for other people from Yerevan, for foreign visitors, and, last but not least, for Yerevan itself.
Laundry Yerevan


I’ve started Streets of Yerevan back in December 2014 as a hobby. It’s a poignant mixture of two things I love – photography and walking. Long story short, I keep walking through various streets and taking pictures. Yerevan is not my only urban love, I shoot wherever I go, and I travel whenever I can.

I have soft spot for many cities, but Yerevan stays special. I love all seasons in my city. Summer shows its vibrant side, when downtown is full of visitors, pretty outdoor cafes and exciting events. Autumn is all about the intense colours. Empty streets and crispy air are the signs of winter, and in spring everything is in bloom. I love how the seasons change the city, and how people’s moods follow it. Whenever you travel to Yerevan, I promise you it will be special. Observing and documenting the everyday beauty is what makes me happy. I wanted to share it with others, which is why I founded my site, Streets of Yerevan.


It might sound a little strange, but I think the beauty of Yerevan lies in the everyday and the ordinary. This is what I’m trying to show you through my lenses on a daily basis. Yerevan is a city of crossroads, a meeting place for the old and new, ancient and modern. I love how these powerful elements mix and mingle. The result is truly extraordinary. I’m sure you want examples, especially if you’ve never been here or if you are just planning your summer holiday here in South Caucasus. This is what you should know before you travel to Yerevan.

It’s about sun reflecting on Soviet and modern buildings, about the dancing shades. I love accidentally finding vintage cars, old doors with unique patterns. I find myself looking at people deep in their thoughts or carefree children happily playing in hidden backyards. I simply adore these tiny yet uplifting backstreets of Yerevan. Never ending lines of drying laundry, no matter what the season is. The smell of fresh bread, delicious Armenian BBQ or dolma up in the air. I believe tiny things are what big things are made up. Yerevan is like a very complicated puzzle set of little stories that I’m trying to put together through my lenses.

Mashtots Avenue

It’s not only about old and new, but also about the diversity behind it all. You will find so many different temples here – Armenian Apostolic Church, Russian Orthodox, a Persian Mosque. The entire region meets on a few square kilometers. There is still a cherry on top to reveal – the view of our sacred mountain, Mount Ararat from various locations in Yerevan, especially from the top of the charming Cascade staircase. Believe me; it’s worth a climb, especially in early morning.


I created Streets of Yerevan to capture all that beauty I’ve just tried to depict with words. The project has been live since December 2014 and it has a loyal, constantly growing audience. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, and greater. Thank you, dear reader, for tagging along on this journey. Nothing would be possible without you, your presence, and your support.

Let’s keep walking and discovering the #streetsofYerevan together!
View of Mount Ararat from Cascade Staircase in Yerevan