6 Things To Do in Yerevan Like a Local or My Secret Yerevan

I am many times asked which are the hidden gems of Yerevan? Well.. here are my favourite 6 things you can spot in Yerevan like a local:

1. Take Photos of Laundry

We line-dry our clothes almost always, except for the very cold winters. To take photos of colourful laundry, perhaps one the most symbolic detail of Yerevan, you just need to sneak into the backstreets.


2. Explore Stalinist Architectural Details

While in the backstreets, make sure to go inside old buildings to explore the exceptional interior details of Soviet era architecture.


3. Visit Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church

While exploring the sacred architecture, check out Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church, one of the oldest surviving Armenian churches in Yerevan. The church is located in a backyard of Pushkin and Ghazar Parpetsi Streets. Read more here.

Zoravor Surb Astvatsatsin Church

4. Look for Vintage Soviet Cars

Vintage Soviet cars are usually showcased during Erebuni-Yerevan celebrations. However, you can also see many around the streets of Yerevan. Actually, some of them are parked nearby the area of the Republic Square.


5. Chase Tricolour Sunsets

Now that you are nearby the Republic Square, chase tricolour sunset!


6. Get Truly Yerevanian Souvenirs

Are you looking for something truly Yerevanian to take away with you? Visit Vernissage market held behind the Republic Square Metro on Nalbandyan Street. The market is open daily. However, the variety is greater on weekends. You can find various souvenirs, paintings, carpets, books, works of Armenian art and traditional ethnic clothing here.


There are a number of unique perspectives on the city, which much depend on how you want to approach the local experience. No matter whether you are more interested in exploring the overall vibe of backstreets, religious architecture, Soviet era apartments, or, only want to enjoy the taste of local food and go clubbing, I do recommend to just keep walking around the streets of Yerevan and look for details.


Don’t forget to use hashtag #StreetsofYerevan when posting your captures of those details on Instagram.


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