Autumn Mood Around the Streets of Yerevan

Planning a trip to Armenia and wondering when to visit? Well, each and every season is beautiful and special here. Spirit-lifting nature in spring, delicious fruits and mouth-watering vegetables in summer, golden autumn and short winters.

Still wondering when to visit? 🙂 I would recommend to visit at autumn, and walk around the leaf strewn streets of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. They say, it is better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

Here are some autumn captures to get an idea of how enchanting Yerevan is at fall:

Azatutyan Avenue at autumn
Azatutyan Avenue, Autumn 2016
Autumn in Yerevan
Moskovyan Street, Autumn 2016
Backstreets of Yerevan Autumn
Backstreets of Yerevan, Autumn 2016
Street Autumn Yerevan
Saryan Street, Autumn 2016

These are only a few photos to inspire you to visit Yerevan at fall. Let me know when you visit. Leave a comment if you need more info and make sure to check out my social media channels for more images from Yerevan.


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