Yerevan Star Walk

Remember my recent post about the “Armenian Zodiac Signs” Fountain Sculpture Group in front of the Moscow Cinema in Yerevan? Well, just next to it in the area of Aznavour Square is Yerevan Walk of Fame. Let’s have a virtual walk and see the stars of fame, which are six (6) as of September 2015…

Star honouring Henri Verneuil in Yerevan Star honouring a French-Armenian playwright and filmmaker Henri Verneuil (1920-2002, born Ashot Malakian).

Star honouring Chalres Aznavour in Yerevan Star honouring Charles Aznavour (born 1924), the legendary French singer of an Armenian origin.

Star honouring Hamo Beknazaryan in YerevanStar honouring Hamo Beknazaryan (1891-1965), a renown Soviet-Armenian film director. Hamo Beknazaryan is the director of the first ever Armenian sound film “Pepo”.

Star honouring Henrik Malyan in YerevanStar honouring Henrik Malyan (1925-1988), a Soviet-Armenian film director and writer.

Star honouring Sergey Paradjanov in Yerevan Star honouring Sergey Parajanov (1924-1990), born in Georgia to Armenian parents. Parajanov was one of the greatest masters of the 20th century cinema.

Star honouring Ruben Mamulyan in YerevanStar honouring Ruben Mamulyan (1897-1987), born in Georgian to Armenian parents. Mamulyan was an Armenian-American film and theater director.

Hope, by the time you travel to Yerevan and there will be more stars to discover…



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