The Cascade of Yerevan Beyond the Stairs

Cascade- the giant stairway in Yerevan is a can’t-miss-spot while visiting the capital of Armenia. By the way, most of the locals have it on their list of must-visit places while on staycation. The view of the stairway itself is glorious no matter whether you come in the morning, afternoon or evening.

View of Cascade Stairway

It is one of the details that make Yerevan favourable for living in. Still, what is there to experience beyond the stairway? Well, first of all, one can go sculpture hiking in Cascade no matter which season of the year it is. Just walk around the Cascade area to see the unique pieces of contemporary art that are exhibited by Cafesjian Center for the Arts and are part of Gerard L. Cafesjian’s personal collection of art.
Here are some of them:

Piece of art in Cascade Yerevan(John Clive, Great Britain. Spectral Columns from the London Olympic Village, 2012. Stainless steel and acrylic)

 The Black Cat in Cascade(The Black Cat by Fernando Botero)

Blue Kiwi By Peter Woytuk(Blue Kiwi by Peter Woytuk)

If you come here early in the morning and go up the stairs you can enjoy solitude and the magnificent view of the Biblical Mount Ararat. I would also recommend to go up the stairs just before the sunset for a candy sweet view of the city.

View of Yerevan from Cascade stairway

On your way up, one can also do sculpture hiking. Make sure to investigate each and every corner! There are many sculptures on each level of the stairway as well. One of my beloved sculptures is that of the swimmer, which is a bronze one made by Umberto Milani (1912-1969), Italy.

Sculpture of Swimmer

On the upper level, I would suggest sitting on one of the stone benches to relax. Oh, because the place is also a popular romantic spot among the locals, you might see lot’s of couples here. If you feel uncomfortable with their presence, just look at the stairs 🙂 By the way, I love looking at the stairs, as they remind me of sea sand.

When on the upper level, do not think you are done with the hike. Take a deep breath, turn to the left and continue your way up to the Monument neighbourhood. You will have to walk some 10 minutes, and go up another level of stairs to reach the fairy tale area with another set of sculptures.
Have a look at some of them:



And of course there is a platform from where you get a bird-eye’s view of Yerevan. I will not post a photo, letting you enjoy the view in real life.

In case you feel too tired to go down the stairs, there is a bus stop nearby. Most of the minibuses run to the center of the city. Alternatively, you can take a taxi. If you decided to go down by the escalators, remember they operate till 8:00PM.

By the way, the escalators inside the Cascade stairway do not only link Monument neighbourhood to the Kentron (downtown) District of Yerevan, but are part of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. Make sure to also visit the exhibitions one day to see the masterpieces of such famous Armenian artists as Grigor Khanjyan, etc.

Let me know if you need more information or tips for the Cascade hike. Leave a comment or PM me on one of #StreetsofYerevan social media channels.



  1. […] Yerevan Cascade is a giant glorious stairway, that links center of the town with the upper neighborhoods of the city. When one goes up the stairs, a spectacular view of the Biblical Mount Ararat and a candy sweet view of the city opens up. Tip: Look for the artworks while going up the stairway to explore the cascade of Yerevan beyond the stairway. […]


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