The forsaken in time…

I always walked by and admired this eye-catching building with exceptional ornamental details on 30 Hanrapetutyan Street in Yerevan. It is a small, two-window old building in-between a new and another old building. However, it never occurred to me to go inside. Has it ever occurred to you?

Well.. all you need to do is be lucky to find the door open. Just enter and ask what the history behind this building is? There is no guided tour or anything. But, the current head of the Armenian Society for Protection of Historical Monuments, who works here for more than forty years, is unbelievably willing to tell the story of this small, yet mysterious building.

I was lucky to find the door open… Btw, I’ve marked the entrance door for you on the photo below 🙂


The building dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. By that time, it belonged to Abu Hachi Hasan, a Persian, and… No, I am not going to tell you what the story behind this building is, you’d better hear the story when inside. Well… just some facts: it used to be the office of a Persian Consul from 1876 till 1920; then, the building was a home to the National Armenian Relief Committee… and, since 1964 it is the office of the Armenian Society for Protection of Historical Monuments. Not less important is the fact that such prominent Armenians as Hovhannes Tumanyan, Martiros Saryan, Aleksander Tamanyan, etc. worked in this building as well.

The fairy-tale interior of this building and extremely informative guidance made me travel in time, but I managed to take some photos as well.
Sharing those with you…






This is a must visit site when in Yerevan, and I do hope you will be lucky enough to find the door open as well! Please, do not forget to share your impressions… 🙂



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